Megan Reilly
Let Your Ghost Go
( Carrot Top ) 2006

"Oh whatever made you so tired? We all get tired."

Like the backing of the Sadies (hear the Dylan cover), the glamour of Neko Case and one the the sweetest break-up letters ever written backed into one shining corner together - Megan Reilly outshines the league which she will undoubtedly be cast into on Let Your Ghost Go.

Joined on record by (some returning) members of Cat Power, Ida and HOME - Reilly strikes me as one of the most touching female voices and songwriters I have had the pleasure of hearing since Lucinda Williams and Patty Griffin (think the unrivaled soundtrack from Niagara, Niagara). "Nighttime" is a delicate piano & lap steel-infused recollection of dreams and dusk thoughts - the contrast of Reilly's incredible vocals atop the slow wash of instruments seals it as four of the best minutes you'll spend on music all year. "Tropic of Cancer" brings out the darker side (a slight touch - electricity!) of Let Your Ghost Go - the keen-eared listener may find a comparison to Moon Pix-era Chan Marshall in tempo and delivery.

If this is the first you have heard of Reilly (I can't lie - 'twas mine), do hear her before you are reminded / begged to from everyone else.. . it shouldn't be much longer.

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