GOLDEN WHEAT! The Golden Hours
The Mystery & Her Crew
( them'there'golden'hours ) 2006

"Ships at Sea" and her opening synthesizer - a simple, stark assignment of hits - reminds this broken-hearted listener of the opening credits from PT Anderson's Magnolia, a movie better known for its dark view on life, death and the dismal things that fit in between. That being said - The Mystery & Her Crew has much to do with the theme of death, drownings ("Young Eyes") and despair, while brilliantly masking these morbid tales with sugary tones of optimism. One could [mildly] compare part time vocalist Eliza Sohn to that of Aimee Mann, but I would rather place her in another category entirely alongside personal favorites Chan Marshall and Death by Chocolate's Angie Tillett (hear: "White Sheets"). When Raf Spielman adds the second layer of synth to "Ships at Sea", what we are presented with is a damn fine opening to an equally addictive mini-album.

A Portland {by way of} Providence, RI trio that includes beautiful Sohn, other vocalist / guitarman Brian Yoder and Get!HimEat!Him's Spielman on all things instrumental - The Golden Hours have made a fan out of me after just 2 spins. Had this band made it on one of those trusted CMJ samplers back in the day [no doubt wedged in between a slammin' P.O.D. track and some other guttershit flamewagon], I would certainly have been on the bullet train to search out more. Super-fi and fitting for a US tour with like-sounded crew the Parenthetical Girls - wait - know this! " Ships At Sea" and closer "Drop Anchor" are variations on the same tune that deal with finding your place in the world (under the sea of course) and having the air in your loving lungs replaced with that of deep, salty sea waters.

All this from the same band that tour their own parents living rooms and record on secondhand Teddy Ruxpin tapes.

Forget anything I said about Aimee Mann, man.

Do hear The Golden Hours, flower power.

/Death Metal\ is fin.

"I'm about to lose control and I think I like it".

David Blane should have died. What a pussy.

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